Benefits of Using a Single Monument for Family Plots

23 December 2020
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An increasing number of people are using funeral and end-of-life planning services. One aspect of this service is to choose the monuments you want for your burial site as well as for other members of the family. Though there is a tradition to choose a monument for each burial spot, there is a change that many people are considering and using. This change is to opt for single cemetery monuments instead. Read More 

Are You Worried About Arranging a Funeral?

8 October 2020
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Not everyone will feel comfortable with the idea of planning for their death, so it is often the case that someone can find themselves left to arrange a funeral for a loved one without any clear idea of what's involved. Without taking the time to research funeral arranging, it can be easy to accept whatever the funeral home suggests, but that isn't always best for you or what the departed individual would have wanted. Read More 

Two tips for a simple funeral

25 June 2020
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If you want the funeral that you have to arrange to be very simple, you should give the suggestions here a try. Use a funeral home that has a small funeral chapel instead of booking a church If the deceased was religious and wanted their funeral to occur in a place of worship, you should not book a local church, but should instead use a funeral home that has its own modestly sized funeral chapel. Read More