Ways To Offer A Personal Touch To A Loved One’s Memorial Stone

23 August 2022
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Traditionally, memorial stones show the name and life dates of a loved one. Some also have a quote or notation. You may decide you want to make memorials for your loved ones more personal. There are many ways you can do this to remember your loved ones and special personal attributes you want to remain in your memories forever. Here are some of the personal touches you can add to the stones and what to know about each addition. Read More 

How To Hire A Funeral Director

3 May 2022
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Funeral directors are professionals who help ease the funeral planning and execution process. However, since you want high-quality services, choosing a funeral director can be an involved process. Below is an extract with some tips to help you hire a funeral director.  Cultural Understanding The primary reason to hire a funeral director is to give your loved one a befitting funeral and allow family members to grieve without worrying about the funeral. Read More 

Critical Benefits of Monuments Over Flat Grave Markers

28 January 2022
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When choosing a memorial stone for a loved one's grave, the most popular options are monuments and grave markers. The main difference is that flat grave markers lie flush on top of a grave while a monument sits upright. The orientation of the latter is deliberate and offers significant advantages. While there is nothing wrong with choosing a grave marker over a monument, it is essential to know the unique benefits of choosing a monument. Read More